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The DAO Baseball League

Putting the "ALL" in
Baseball Using
Blockchain Technology.

Late 1800s: Emergence of women's baseball, largely unrecognized and informal.
1920s-1930s: Societal norms restrict women's participation in sports, including baseball.
1943-1954: AAGPBL offers rare spotlight but with gender-specific constraints.
1950s-1970s: Decline in professional opportunities for women in baseball post-AAGPBL
1972: Title IX Legislation - led to significant increase in women's participation in sports but, also, highlighted the disparities in funding and resources between men's and women's sports.
1980s-1990s: Incremental progress in women's sports visibility, but women's baseball remains in the background.
2000s: Growth in women's leagues, baseball lags.  Softball is "discontinued" from the Olympics.
2010: Increased advocacy, still challenges.  Significant gaps still remain.
2020: Women still receive less that 10% of airtime.  Zero percent of which is women's baseball.

2024: Leading the way is the DAO Sports Association and DAO Baseball League.

Spearheading these initiatives are the DAO Women's Baseball Teams, the Los Angeles Blue Sox, the Boston Resolutes, Las Vegas Vixens and Brooklyn Black Sox.

Welcome to the DAO
Baseball League

Experience the power of decentralized governance, community involvement, and cutting-edge Web 3.0 technologies in the world of baseball.

Decentralized Governance

Our league is governed by the community, ensuring fairness and transparency in every decision.

Community Involvement

Join a vibrant community of baseball enthusiasts and contribute to the growth of the sport.

Blockchain Technologies

Experience the future of baseball with our innovative use of Web 3.0 technologies.


Unleashing the Power of Community in Baseball

At the DAO Baseball League, we're on a mission to transform the game of baseball by harnessing the collective power of our community. Through our innovative DAO governance model, we're creating a decentralized and inclusive sports environment that puts fans and players in control.

the future of sports is now,
the future of sports is dao.

Discover the Exciting World of DAO Baseball

Welcome to the DAO Baseball League, where decentralized, community-governed baseball meets cutting-edge Web 3.0 technologies. Join us in creating a vibrant, inclusive, and decentralized sports environment together!

Explore Our Divisions and Get Involved

Check out our Men's and Women's divisions, upcoming events, and future teams.

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Browse our wide selection of apparel, accessories, and league gear.

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